“She is littered with a shroud of lies and facades, that is the Grim Truth.”





1. forbidding or uninviting.

2. (of humor) lacking genuine levity; mirthless; black

3. depressing or worrying to        consider.


Artist, Designer, Photographer, Misfit, Deviant, Outlier, Dreamer

The title holds no value. Nothing but a string of letters, words slung to people’s names as the defining characteristic they hold. Titles force judgment onto an individual, whether they shelter the coward behind the facade or overshadow said individual from a glance.

There is a conflict between the balance of loving people and despising their every being. I struggle heavily between the two and I hope one day the answer comes forward. This page serves as a portfolio for my various work, as well as a place for me to share a different take on the world.


Bridge the gap from the outliers, in-betweeners, when society doesn’t turn to help them.


I withdrew from university to peruse a different approach to my career goal, society tends to disapprove of college dropouts. This path has only proven to be less structured, extremely volatile, and only continues to throw more obstacles my way.

I hold no resentment nor regret choosing this path.


Anything said in the page is subjective to reader and myself as the writer. You are entitled to your own opinions as am I.